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  • How Can I Feel Loved? - Podcast

    Be aware of who you are, and that will help you in your relationship with others.

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  • How Can I Feel Loved?




    I have had a number of mental, physical and spiritual changes recently.  I am grateful that all of them have heightened my spiritual awareness, and especially my awareness of my spiritual help (the angels that guide me). 


    I have many negative people in my life.  It feels like the more I grow spiritually, the more people tell me I am not good enough or not up to standard (meaning their standards).


    I know in my heart I am a good person, and I feel that even more after meditation.  How can I love myself more, and how can I love the negative people around me without letting them drag me down?

  • How Do I Gain Self-Confidence? - Podcast

    Self-confidence comes from inside.  Take one small risk and feel the change.

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  • How Do I Gain Self-Confidence?




    I am a professional in my mid-thirties. 


    I finally managed to get a job in my professional field but I am struggling to keep up. 

    My seniors tell me I should have more self-confidence, but I don’t know how to get more confidence.  I have always been like this, not just because of this job. 


    I am concerned that I will not make it in this field. 


    How do I change?



  • Living Your Company Values - Podcast

    Translating glossy company values into real-life actions is a full-time job.

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