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Ostara (Northern Hemisphere)

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Ostara is observed by modern pagans by eating the fresh greens and early vegetables. 

Some witches believe that fasting at the equinox is healthy and magical. 

Fasting clears away


the toxins from the heavier winter food, and it also creates an altered state of consciousness for doing equinox magic. 

Of course 21st March also coincides with the celebration of Easter.  Eggs are painted in bright colours to celebrate the egg as a symbol of fertility, and this happens at the time when animals begin to mate and plants begin to reproduce again. 

There is a legend that relates to the origin of the Easter egg hunt.  In old Europe pagans gave each other decorated eggs as gifts and to bring abundance in the coming year.  When Christianity rose, there was much resistance against paganism.  Pagans took to hiding the eggs and had children play the game of finding the eggs.  The Christian church apparently bribed or threatened children to find these eggs.  Where the decorated eggs were found on a person's property, that person was then accused of practising paganism and severely punished by the church. 

A traditional meal on this day includes cured ham.  In Europe people used to slaughter their animals in the autumn, so that they could cure and preserve the meat for the winter.  They would eat sparingly during the winter to ensure that the food would last.  When spring arrived again, people would serve up the choicest cured hams in celebration of the spring and the availability of fresh meat and vegetables.

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