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Zarathosht Diso (Death of Prophet Zarathushtra)

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The Prophet Zarathushtra is the founder of the Zoroastrian faith. 

It is not clear when he lived, and it could be as far back as six thousand years before the


philosopher Plato.  It is also not clear when Zarathushtra was born or where he spent the first half of his life.  Various tribes converted to Zoroastrianism, and each of them made up legends and claimed that Zarathushtra was one of their tribe.

One version is that Zarathushtra was born in the ancient country of Bactria as the son of a nobleman.  He was the third of five brothers and became a priest.  It appears that a spirit named Good Thought appeared to him and ordered Zarathushtra to oppose the bloody sacrifices of the traditional Iranian cults and give aid to the poor.

Zarathushtra started to preach that a supreme god called Ahramazda had created the world, mankind and all good things in it through a holy spirit.  The rest of the universe was then created by six other spirits.  The good and evil spirits then started to fight, and mankind had to support the good spirits in order to speed up the victory of the good. Zarathushtra indicated that people could side with Ahuramazda by avoiding lies, supporting the poor, making various sacrifices, and using fire.

Zarathushtra also described a Last Judgement where only the pious would enter Heaven, and the liars would go to Hell. Of course this teaching of Zarathushtra resulted in conflict with the priests of the god Mithra. There was a fight and Zarathushtra had to leave the country.  He managed to obtain asylum from a king called Hystaspes. At the court of this king, Zarathushtra debated with the priests of Mithra, and won.  The king the converted to Zarathushtra's new religion.  Zarathushtra lived at the court of this king until he was killed by invading nomads at the age of seventy-seven.

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