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Friday, 13 September 2013 23:11

A Tapestry of Life

Written by

A powerful bundle of short stories describing definitive moments that changed the lives of people. Your story is one of them.


Maybe your story is already in the book.

Here is what readers have said:

"This is a gem of a book which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Each story touched my heart and challenged me to look at the life situations and circumstances it describes in new ways and with much greater depth. This book has a simplicity and richness which I found refreshing and gave me much comfort as it reflected back to me higher understandings of dilemmas and struggles I have experienced in my own life. A sequel would be fantastic! "

"This is a beautiful book that would be enjoyed by absolutely anybody. You can read it as a novel or in bite size chunks. I recommend the latter in order to allow time for reflection after each story.  Highly recommended. "

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