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The Known and Unknown Life of Jesus the Christ

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This lovely book describes the entire life of Jesus, including years that are not mentioned in the Bible.  The book draws parallels with numerology and astrology, describing the life pattern and Jesus and explaining his actions.

The book brings a new insight into the purpose of Jesus's life, and neatly joins the

occult with better known religious beliefs.

Here is a quote from the introduction:

"It is not the object of this book to teach astrology, as there are many books of ref­erence for those who desire to get more information on this subject.

The purpose of this book is to give to the world the history of the life of Jesus through the entire time of His mission on earth, covering thirty five years. 

The book covers His great and wonderful works, and provides accounts of the character of the country, conditions and customs of the people He taught, their needs and the lessons they asked Him for.  We trust that in the study of these, each one may find their own problems and needs, as well as the lessons that address these problems and needs.

We would also like to show the totality of being, by explaining that the life of Jesus is one with, and manifesting in all ways, under the same laws of unity in all things that are found in all other forms of God's infinite creation.

When the Universe was created, the laws of the man­ifestations of the heavenly bodies in all ways were calculated in accord with the laws of numbers as they are now used by man.  This creation shows that these two grand sciences (astrology and numerology) were evolved, and in force, aeons before people inhabited the earth.  Both sciences have been given, fully perfected, from the Heavenly Father.

Man, in his egotism, has thought that he evolved numbers and their uses.  Man did not realize that through these laws all the majestic suns and planets were measured and weighed, and their orbits calculated with such beauty and exactness that through countless ages they have moved in perfect harmony.  All their vibrations of sound, color, and physical matter are governed under the same law of numbers.  This shows perfectly the divine completeness, and hence the infinity of meaning in numbers, that has been the case since time began.

Because of the meaning of numbers, the deepest truths written in the Bible are hidden under the symbols of the numbers which give the key to the great message to be found therein.

The numbering of the Children of Israel contained much sublime, hidden truth. Numbers are such an important part of creation, that even the hairs of our heads are num­bered.  We find the same law of numbers working in all other directions, notably in the exactness of the rule governing even the tiniest and most insignificant blossoms that can have one, two, three, four or five petals, always exact, never varying in the same order, ever in numerical harmony.

All this shows the significance of the use and power of numbers in the great wholeness.  It also shows how completely the numbers, as well as the vast galaxy of stars which no man can number, are One with all there is.  None of it can be separated or set apart as something less than the whole, because all is part of Infinity itself, and perhaps the most perfect manifestation of grand and majestic oneness in the entire physical world.

As an illustration of this, it is well-known how earnestly master astronomers have sought for certain planets so that the sacred number seven might be accounted for.  They recog­nized that the law of numbers had to be mani­fested.

The fact that numbers, their uses, relations, and powers in all these creations were thus established an infinity of aeons before our earth was begun, gives them significance worthy of the earnest investigation of every mind that desires to know God.

In this study we find that in these two sciences received direct from the hand of God, are prefigured the manifestation of the Christ soul who should show to man how to master conditions and influences.  It also shows that man is not simply a ball to be kicked around in every direction by what we term as fate.  The Great Father endowed us with the power though His Oneness with us and with all things He contacts, to attain all we need to fulfill the command, "Be you therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." (Matthew 5:48) It is possible for us to attain in the fullness of time the Christhood which the Father desires to manifest through Him. Work­ing out the deeper meaning of numbers gives man the key and the pattern so that he, too, may evolve.

To reap the greatest benefit from this study, we need to

keep in mind the great Creative Plan. 

According to this Plan the One Life, with its perfect power, wisdom, and love - beginning expression in the simplest form of a single cell - has, through aeons of time, been strug­gling in this prison house of matter with varying degrees of success and failure, until it has reached the present status attained by man and all the earth.  Step by step man will continue to manifest more and more of this Divine Life, until through many experiences, he will finally complete his lessons.  All these lessons must be mastered and his consequent attainment reached before he can write Finis to his work and arrive at the goal.

Jesus, having achieved this attainment, and thus become the greatest of all illumined souls, had reached His Divine Sonship, and was there­fore the only Son.  He must now reach out and help those who could not find the way, and did not know their divine heritage."

You will love reading this book!

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