Standard Psychic Reading


A general psychic reading indicating where you are now, what your options are and potential outcomes.  This is then followed up with more specific questions if you so wish.

Elsabe does not use tarot cards or any other props.  With your permission, she "tunes in" to your private space, tells you what she sees/hears/feels and takes the conversation from there.  Elsabe does not pepper you with questions, but gives the real deal.


Here are some results with clients:

* A property owner in the UK could not find the cause of dampness in his house, despite digging up the nearest water pipes.  Elsabe, who has never been to the area, explained where the cause of the leakage was - about 40 feet away from where everyone was searching, and parallel to a nearby railway line that the client was not even aware of.  The problem was fixed.

* A client mislaid their passport and was on the way to the airport.  Elsabe described where they needed to search, and they argued, because they had already searched in that part of the house.  The passport had fallen inside a shopping bag where they did not search, and they left for a lovely holiday.

* A client in South Africa was driving while speaking to Elsabe about his divorce proceedings.  She told him to pull off and get help with the front axle of his car.  He did so immediately, and discovered that the front axle was on the verge of breaking due to damage that he thought had been repaired.  If he had stayed on the highway, there would have been a nasty accident.

* A client in New Zealand had business documents to sign, and contacted Elsabe at the last minute.  She warned him about a troublesome paragraph, and he did not sign.  That saved him lots of money.

* A client in a US prison called Elsabe a few days before his execution.  She was able to give him peace of mind, and assure him that he would be welcomed by his loving grandmother on the other side.

* A client in Portugal was struggling to get a bill paid.  Elsabe told them to be patient, because there was a pending merger which would result in not only getting the bill paid, but also a lot more work.  The merger only became public knowledge a week later.  The bill was paid, and they are now getting more work from the client.

* A client was concerned about getting paranoid, because she was convinced that an employee was stealing from her, but the proof was elusive.  Elsabe told her where to look and what to look for, and the theft was confirmed.

Is Elsabe also a medium?  Occasionally, during psychic readings, people who have passed over check in and add their contribution - but only if it is necessary and they are not too busy with their lives on the other side.  Elsabe does not prove life after death, because that is a given - like the sun coming up in the morning.  Passed loved ones will connect with Elsabe during a reading if they feel it is necessary.

What issue are you struggling with?  No matter where you are in the world, Elsabe can help and give you clarity, so that you can act.

Once you have made your payment, Elsabe will contact you by email.  Please provide a valid email address.

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