Pray the Gay Away


A 17-year-old American girl openly declared that she is gay.  She took her girlfriend to the school prom.  Her parents summarily enrolled her into a Christian school where she would for a year not have any contact with the outside world.  The school apparently is known for “praying the gay away”. 


This happened in the year 2017, not in 1317, and in the USA, not some backwater country with a paternalistic, dictatorial belief system. 


The girl’s parents sent her to the school so that they could ensure the daughter they were given in this life is “changed”.  Talk about conditional love … And they could do this because legally she is still under age and there is nothing she can do to get out of this “school”. 



Her cousin started a crowd-funding campaign to cover the legal costs of an effort to get her released from this school.  How far he will get with the local law against him is anybody’s guess.  At least he managed to bring the issue to the forefront in some sympathetic media, and that is to be lauded.


I don’t need to be psychic to predict how this girl by now feels about her parents, and how their relationship will be when she finally gets released from this place.


Will she be “healed” and for the rest of her life nurse a massive guilt because she loves a woman rather than a man physically?   Because nothing will change the fact that she is gay.


Will she be angry and lash out to the world – or at least to those who rejected her for acting according to her true nature?  Because nothing will change the fact that she is gay.


Will she be submissive, with the light taken out of her life and her eyes, so that she can be a “good daughter”, whatever the hell that means to these parents? Because nothing will change the fact that she is gay.


Why is she gay? For the same reason that I am straight. 


In my belief system we live life eternally.  We spend part of that eternity coming to this earth and taking on human bodies.  Our spirits or souls remain the same.  The body we choose is always suitable for this part of our eternal journey. 


For this particular life I chose a female body, and so did this girl. 


I chose to love the physical body of a man, but this girl chose to love the physical body of another woman. 


This is not only about physical love.  With every love relationship comes a soul contract and some sort of crisis that we need to resolve so that we can function at a higher vibration.  That soul contract could relate to conflict between you and your love partner, which may relate to issues such as loyalty, tolerance, integrity and forgiveness.  The soul contract may relate to conflicts between you as a united couple and issues such as family betrayal, physical health challenges, or the challenges of caring for elderly relatives or parents.  The soul contract may even be with yourself, where part of your life purpose is acceptance of who you are and the consequences of the decisions you have made during your stay on this earth.


Physical love of a physical body is only part of our journey here and our soul contracts.


When I was a young student doing a degree in psychology, the topic of counselling homosexual males and females was raised in class one day.  I was still sexually innocent and did not have anything to contribute to the conversation.  However, when the professor started to explain that gay people can only be counselled for any personal issue if the counselling commences with them accepting that it is wrong to be gay, my whole being screamed at the injustice of what he had said.  It just felt so wrong in every cell of my body to reject the sexual preferences of a creature of God, as if God made a huge mistake when He/She created that particular person.


For this reason, I have never believed that my attitude towards gay/straight/black/gray-eyed/Catholic/non-Catholic/meat-eating/vegan/Russian/American/less intelligent/genial people came from being or wanting to be politically correct.  I know intuitively that God created us all, as the Bible would say, “in His image”.


I am far more aware of the sub-script – or the reason for the interaction and potential conflict – between people than of the external labels that people love to add to anyone that are different from them.


I would love to sit with these parents and hear their side, and help them face the consequences of their actions.  Being gay is not a medical condition or a choice or an affliction that can be changed by prayer.  Being gay - or straight - is part of the choice we make before we enter this world.


Loving and wanting to be loved is the biggest focus of anyone’s existence.  Somehow we add the conditions and we suffer the consequences.  Let’s hope that in this instance the media attention to the case will help people understand more of who they are and make the world a better place for many more people, regardless of their sexual preferences.


Elsabe Smit

Elsabe Smit is a well-known author, clairvoyant, and public speaker.

Elsabe helps people to understand the mysteries of life and Love, so that they can regain control of their lives. What would you like to resolve?

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