The Facts You Should Know About Being More Successful

If you want to master the creation process, be more successful and fine-tune your own good habits while discarding outdated habits, then tune into my show The Elsabe Smit Show every Sunday at 4pm GMT on my Facebook business page.

Who does not want to be more successful in every part of their lives?

Yes, there is the Law of Attraction which lets you believe that all you need to do is ask, and things will magically fall into your lap.

However, it is not that simple.  If it was, we would all just wait for the lottery balls to fall in our favour – even if we never bought a ticket.

There is a process of creation and we use it every day without even thinking about it.


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This is the first broadcast of The Elsabe Smit show.

I help people to understand the magic and mystery of love and life so that they can regain control of their lives.   What would you like to resolve?

The topic for today is The Creation Process: The Steps You Should Know to be More Successful.

I know that you immediately think about the law of attraction.  This is not the law of attraction.  The law of attraction in my view is part of the picture.  Let me explain and start with the first step in the creation process, which I would like to call the quantum vibration.

In Jewish mysticism, the kabbalah states “as above, so below”.  That tells me that we are talking about one dimension that we live in, but there are other dimensions as well, and there is what I like to call -in my own way - the Source. 

So, “as above, so below”.  And what we do with the creation process Is that we catch the quantum vibrations.  I will not go into detail in terms of quantum physics, but quantum physics will tell you that everything consists of energy waves.  We cannot really see or do anything about those waves.

The moment we add consciousness we turn those waves into particles and they become part of the quantum Vibration. 

Is everything controlled by what we get from a different dimension or the Source? I would say no. 

What we do get from this is our life script - the script that we agreed on before we were born into this life.  This is different from free will and freedom of choice, which comes later in the process.

Another way of catching this quantum vibration Is by means of recognizing synchronicity. Synchronicity is different from co-incidence.   With coincidence, we have different things coinciding - all our own creation. 

Synchronicity for me is part of the Universe - part of a glimpse of eternity, where there are moments that stand out for you, and you know in your bones, in your heart, in your gut. You know that these are moments that you need to take note of. 

I'll give you an example: many years ago, somebody said to me that I was going to move to England.  At the time that was the furthest from my consciousness.   But there was something that said to me “Sit up and listen” and one thing led to another - it is a long story which I won’t go into here, but here I am - I've been living in England for nearly 16 years now.  That, for me, was a moment of synchronicity and I have experienced several of those over the years.  I am sure you have had your own. 

Another means of catching this vibration is by means of meditation.  This is not a meditation where you deliberately go into a meditative state so that you can catch the quantum vibration.  It is meditation specifically for clearing your mind so that you make space.  You literally make space for catching this quantum vibration.

And it can come to you in many different ways - during the meditation as a thought that you recognize that is not yours, but you clearly recognize this thought.  Or it can come to you after the meditation in a moment of synchronicity – maybe something that catches your eye or impact on one of your senses.

 You can also use visualization to catch this quantum vibration to identify what it is that you need to deal with.

The next step in the process is to select the thoughts that you need to focus on.  We have anywhere between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute.  It is way too much to focus on in our conscious minds.  We identify those thoughts that we should focus on and we intuitively also identify what we would like to focus on.   

We also get different dreams like prophetic dreams, where there is some sort of prediction of things to come.  I recognize them as the most ridiculous dreams with the weirdest things happening.   But it is this symbolism behind the images in the dream, the people in the dream, the emotions around the dream that comes through during the symbolic dreams, and the dream shapes our thought so that’s what we focus on. 

Journaling is another way of catching those thoughts - and I am not talking about keeping a diary indicating what you had for lunch or what your plan is for the rest of the day or anything like that.  I am talking about a very particular way of journaling.  If you go on to my website and you search for the words “potent therapy” you will find a way of journaling that really helps you to identify the thoughts from the quantum vibration that are important in your life and that you need to focus on.

And then you need to trust and you need to be confident that you will never ever be misled if you use these methods.  You will find what is important to for you.

Another way of finding the quantum vibration and how it relates to you your life script is for example to use tarot major arcana.  Tarot is not meant for divination or fortune telling.  Tarot is a history and documentation of the most amazing journey through this life.  If you follow the major arcana in tarot, it tells you what this journey is, and you can link your knowledge of your life script to what the tarot tells you.  This will also help you identify which thought to focus on. 

So, now you know everything.  You can just focus on these thoughts and the most wonderful things will happen for you ....

Actually, no - it is not that simple. 

We are human.  We mess up - right from day one. We get this thought on a platter.  We know exactly what the quantum vibration wants us to do.   This thought is based on love.  It is based on a pure vibration, and what do we do? We add fears.  We add blockages.  We add obstacles.   We add all sorts of stuff.  We add our perceptions which are based on our view of the world.

I am just one of how many billions of people on this world.  Who says my view is right? Who says my perception is right? But I like to tell myself that my perception is right - it is the only one, it is the best one.  We add fears to this.  We say “Oh no, no, no, I cannot accept this thought .... I cannot do this.  It is too big for me.  I am too small.   I am unimportant.   I’m not going to do it this way because I like to discriminate based on gender, on skin color, on nationality - on all sorts of nonsense. 

In my culture, people do things in one way, and that is the only way I will deal with.  My upbringing taught me to do things in this one way, and I am not going to change, no matter what this pure thought from the quantum vibration wants me to do ....

I’m also going to add all sort of strong emotions, because I don’t know the difference between emotions and feelings.”

I will give you a very quick example to show the difference between emotions and feelings.  if I tell you right now to get very angry - to have this very strong emotion of being very angry, your body knows what to do.  Your facial muscles know what to do.  Your voice knows where to go. Your eyes know what to do, because you know what it means to get angry.  It's the same as me telling you to get happy.  You know exactly how to do it.  You can even fake all sort of emotions, but a feeling you cannot fake, because a feeling is a glimpse into eternity.

If I ask you to fake the moment when you had your first kiss, if I asked you to fake the moment when you held your first child in your arms, if I ask you to fake the happiest moment in your life, you cannot do it.   Your body does not remember how to do it because it was a moment of eternity.  It was a moment of peace.

That's what we strive towards, but in the meantime, we have always emotions messing up things seriously.   Also, we specifically look for an imbalance - that is one of the obstacles that we look for – imbalance.

We want to ensure that we only see the bright side of things.  We don’t want to know about the negative side.  We get so stuck in the negative side, that we cannot possibly believe for a moment that there is a possibility of a positive side to everything as well.

So, we have taken this wonderful thought.  We have added all the obstacles and objections, and then what do we do next?  We act.  We act based on what is no longer pure.  And by taking that action, what we do is we create conflict and we make wrong decisions.

We make a complete mess and we don’t accept the responsibility for that: “It's not me, it's them.  They are doing this to me.” 

Or we take a huge amount of action and nothing happens.  We say “Well, it's all for nothing.”

We don’t understand the creation process and time. You know the earth was created in six days - and the seventh day was a rest day - and that still works the same.  We still do creation over six units of time, and then we rest for one unit of time.  Then we see the materialization of what we created.  But we don’t understand that, so we get completely depressed about not seeing the results. 

And the results we do see are all about conflict and managing that conflict and cleaning up the mess.  But thank goodness, there are ways of helping us to clean up that mess.  For example, sometimes you are on the verge of doing something, and you just stop because intuitively you know “I cannot do this.  I must not do this. I cannot go forward with this.”.

 Your physical body tells you when something is wrong - when you get dis-ease - not disease.  This is when you are not at ease.  We have all sorts of disciplines that help us to then undo that damage.  I am talking about natural healing stuff, like chiropractic, homeopathy, reflexology, exercise like yoga and Pilates.  Stuff that's got a very spiritual basis to it.  I am talking about healing in all shapes and forms, about nourishment, taking care of your body, and just undoing all the damage that was done.

Then there is the final step in the creation process - the absolute joyous part.

This is where we find the wisdom This is where you have that feeling of “Yes, yes, now I understand why I had to wade through treacle, why I was in that messy relationship, why I needed to work for this particular boss in this situation, why I needed to go through a financial disaster.” 

You understand what it is about - finding that incredible gratitude.  We understand that when the conflict is being resolved, we accept the change.   We understand that it is time to move on, and that change means making things better.  We find the balance.  But probably more important than anything else, is that we understand what forgiveness means.  And I am not talking about forgiveness meaning turning the other cheek or anything like that. 

Forgiveness is about finding the wisdom.  It is about understanding how an experience made you a better, stronger, wiser person. 

This has been a summary of the creation process in 15 minutes.

The entire Elsabe Smit Show is about all sorts of aspects of this creation process.

If you want to master the creation process, be more successful and fine-tune your own good habits while discarding outdated habits, then tune into my show The Elsabe Smit Show every Sunday at 4pm GMT on my Facebook business page.




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