Create your perfect life: Flow with the moon phases

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Are you happy with your life as it is? If you are, then this page is not for you 😉

Create your perfect life Flow with the moon phases

In this series, you will have the opportunity to make one small change to your life, and allow for this change to become a permanent part of your routine and lifestyle.

Ensure that you bookmark this page, and return to it with every new moon and full moon. The journey to creating your perfect life starts here.

Get started with small changes to your physical world and bodily care

The series starts with changes you want to make to the physical world of your body. Are you eating the right food? Are you getting healthy exercise? Do you allow enough time to rest, relax and recuperate as part of your routine? Would you agree that cleanliness is next to Godliness?

Yes. looking after your physical body is very much a spiritual matter. The first four modules will help you get a firm foundation for any physical changes you want to make, You will also get into the habit of making one small change at a time, to ensure that the change will last.

Click here to learn what small changes you can make to adapt your diet to your body.

Click here to get an idea on how to get regular exercise with lots of benefits and without any pain.

Click here to get tips on how to rest, relax and recuperate..

Link for cleanliness and godliness to follow on 14th June 2022

Time to sort out destructive emotions

Link to letting go of fear to follow on 29th June 2022.

Link to shaking off your worries to follow on 13th July 2022

Link to losing that anger to follow on 28th July 2022/

More links to shaking off nasty emotions to follow in due course

Only then (once all the small pests are under control) do we get to the spiritual growth that we all need.

Links to various aspects of spiritual growth to follow in due course.

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