About Elsabe Smit


Elsabe Smit is a well-known international coach, facilitator, author, and public speaker
that uses her clairvoyant and intuitive skills in her daily life to assist all of those that she comes into contact with in her professional life. She has an MBA (Master Business Administration), a MA in Industrial Psychology, and extensive experience as a Business Analyst. Using her intuition and knowledge, Elsabe helps people to understand the mysteries of life and Love, so that they can regain control of their lives. Elsabe Smit was born and raised in South Africa, and has lived in the UK and Ireland. After years of facing numerous personal challenges, involving her relationship with her drug- and alcohol-addicted mother, living with and getting divorced from an abusive husband, being a single mother, being a mistress for a period of time, and then facing unemployment, she one day realised that she had been given the amazing gift of intuition and clairvoyance. Using her newly discovered gifts, she then rediscovered herself. She learned that all her past experiences, "good" and "bad", were only stepping stones on her life's blueprint towards loving and accepting herself. Having always having had a keen interest in human behaviour, this discovery took her on a different path, adding the study of life, death and spirituality to her interests. During that journey she explored and embraced Quantum Physics. Elsabe studied some of the world's best acknowledged researchers and gurus in the fields of relationships, health and business. During her professional life Elsabe's career included lecturing at a South African University, being a Human Resources Manager with a mining house and a multinational security firm, and being a freelance business analyst. Inbetween the various permanent positions and contracts, she developed her reputation as a sought after author, speaker, facilitator, coach and mentor. As an author, some of her books are today still in use as prescribed text books for university and college students in South Africa. Other books have been published and are available on Amazon and Smashwords, and some books have been published as E-books which she shares as free gifts. As a speaker, facilitator and trainer she has presented numerous programmes to groups ranging in size. The subject matter has been as varied and interesting as her life. As a mentor, she coaches and mentors small business owners, blue-chip executives and employees covering a myriad of professions, employment levels and industries. Don't forget her contribution to the world of psychics. She's been on various radio and TV shows with international audiences. In addition, Elsabe has done thousands of personal psychic readings for people from all walks of life located in more than 80 countries - including one for a death row inmate in a US prison. Throughout her life Elsabe has been passionately focused on identifying the nuances that make a difference in people lives, the why's of birth, life and death - and now it's your turn to tap into the vast wealth of knowledge and experiences that she has gained during her lifetime, so that like Elsabe ... YOU can also Discover yourself and Love YOUR Life.