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Oct 21, 2021

I am sure everyone who is reading this article cannot wait for the new dawn to arrive. 

Of course, we all are ready – aren’t we? We are looking forward to a world of peace and harmony where there is food and shelter for everyone, and where there are no wars.

Nobody will argue that it is time for humanity to enter this beautiful new world, and the sooner the better.

I will argue that – based on numerous psychic readings where my clients have done everything they needed to do to prepare for a beautiful relationship/new job/peace in the family and many other things.  I have stopped counting the number of times where I told them that it is not about time, but about timing.

Let me explain what that means, with an extract from my book Following a Spiritual Path: Recovering from Religion Vol 1.

“So, what is time?  Is it a frozen moment on the clock? 

Is it something between the start and end of an experience, which will make time linear?  

Compare a minute of meditation to a minute of someone yelling at you – which minute is the longest?  Such an experience will create the impression of linear time, but that is because you add the person’s experience to the definition.

Or is time circular, like the seasons, or a clock?  This would imply that time is circular and therefore unending.  However, there is an end to one season which is the beginning of the next season (even if you cannot pinpoint the exact moment where one season turns into the next).

Or maybe time is the measurement between the start and the end of change.  If this is the case, then if we cannot see any change, there is no time.  But what if one person can see change, and another says there was no change? And when do things ever completely stop changing?  Does that sound right?

It makes more and more sense to say that time is NOT separate from space.  The time-space continuum consists of length, width, height, and time. If you look at your life, then some experiences stand out more in your memory than other times – which makes this continuum credible.

There is a beautiful Arab proverb from the 12th century: Man fears time, but time fears the pyramids.

Let me explain this proverb.  Time – especially linear time – is a construct that makes this life and this world easier for us to understand.  It gives us a frame of reference and helps us to understand cause and effect. 

However, life is not about getting the past, present, and future into neat little rows.  Life is about having experiences and about gaining wisdom.  Time is one tool that helps us create experiences. 

We spend too much time pondering on the past.  We experience guilt, regret, and other emotions about things we cannot change.  We are concerned about the future which has not happened yet, and which always turns out to be quite manageable once we get to the future we feared.  We spend too much time panicking about what is still coming when the future is a combination of destiny (which you cannot do anything about) and creation (you consciously create with your thoughts and are in charge of those thoughts all the time).  All this focus on the past and future prevents us from enjoying the moment.

The pyramids that are referred to in the proverb represent what is far bigger, deeper, and more powerful than anything on earth, including time.  The pyramids represent extraordinarily strong energy and reminders of the presence of another civilisation.  The origin of the pyramids is a mystery that we will probably not resolve in this life.  The proverb reminds us that we need to spend more time respecting what is represented by the pyramids, and less time panicking about time and the future.

The pyramids are older than human memory.  They represent a history that is part of who we are today.  They contain miracles – how were they built and why?   The pyramids represent magic and remind us that we are specks in the history of this planet.”

If we cannot even have a single definition of time, we fool ourselves into waiting for the perfect time for things to happen.  This is why I prefer not to give timelines in my psychic readings.  It is not about time.

Then what is all this about?  When will things really start to happen for us?

It is all about timing – when everyone is ready for what needs to happen.

Are you sure that all your family and friends are ready for our beautiful new world?  I am fairly sure the answer is “no – and there is nothing I can do about it”. 

Yes, there is something you can do about it.

Live your life every day as if you are already in this beautiful new world of peace and abundance.  If you have emotional issues to deal with, now is a good time.  If you are one of those people baying for the blood of the culprits that got us into this mess, you are not ready, and the timing is not right.  You still need to learn that it is not for us to judge, but for us to go inside every day and deal with our own issues.

If you are waiting for the promised abundance to come your way while you still have a poverty mindset, then the timing is not right.  You need to get to think abundance every moment of your day – and that does not mean maxing out your credit card hoping that it will be wiped clean by miracle.  Abundance is not only about money.  Abundance is about appreciating and being grateful for every single person and item in our lives.  Are you there yet?

Some people will spend another lifetime working towards the perfect timing for our beautiful new world.  However, many people who have become aware of the evil in this world, have also discovered a massive resource of empathy and righteousness inside of themselves.  Are you also aware of how “awake” people help their neighbours more than ever before?  Are you one of them?  Or are you still waiting for a saviour to come and help you, or for politicians to do what we expect them to do?  Which time will be the longest – waiting for that pothole to be filled, or galvanizing your neighbours to fill not only that pothole but every other pothole in sight?

And all this is only on an individual level. 

Now imagine getting groups of people to be ready for our beautiful new world.  Will religious or political groups simply agree to put the division aside?  Will the medical or legal or educational fraternity accept overnight that just about everything they believe in is built on clay and crumbling more and more every day?

No matter how ready you are, we live in a world where most people need to be ready for the change – that is timing rather than time.

Once we have reached that majority, it is not simply a matter of having had a change of heart.  We also need a change of mind – which includes taking responsibility for everything in our new world, rather than only for my little patch, so that I can blame you for not looking after your patch.

We are moving into a new world with more individual responsibility than we have ever had before.  Now, are you ready?  It is all about timing, not about time.

Currently, there is a lot of talks everywhere you turn of humanity moving from darkness into light.  It is easy to attach some esoteric meaning to this, where “they” are in the darkness, and “we” are in the light.  Of course, whenever this is said, a large dollop of judgment is added, because of course “we” are right, and “they” are wrong.

But what does this mean for me and you?  How do you and I move from darkness into light?

I did a reading for a client where I started off by describing an image of him sitting on the floor in the corner of a very dark room, covering his hands in self-defense.  Then the picture changed, where he slowly got up and made his way to a shred of light showing from under the closed door while taking care not to bump into any of the obstacles that he could feel but not see in the darkroom.

I am always fascinated when Spirit gives me words like these, and they immediately make sense to the client because the words describe what they feel and perceive.

It turned out that this client lost both his parents under traumatic circumstances, a few years apart and for different reasons.  It is now nearly two decades later and only now is he slowly approaching the Light.   He acknowledged that at the time, he lost faith in a God that left him rudderless after two cruel life incidents that robbed him of his parents and their support.

It is only over the past few years that he discovered the love of his wife, and that has led him to re-assess his view of God.  In this process, he discovered his own spiritual self, and he is still getting used to the knowledge that he is a spiritual being in a human body.  He has learned to appreciate small miracles and is slowly learning to love himself. 

This is one example of striving towards the light, only to discover that the Light has been there inside of you all the time, guiding you through the dark and helping you to find the external source of light so that you can appreciate the internal source of Light.

Many people have all their lives thought that they have a strong faith and that living a God-fearing life is all they need to do.  They have over the past year discovered that they had a misconception of God being either a God to be feared or a God that would salvage them from any situation if someone intervenes and prays for them or on their behalf.

These people are like this man, finding their way through a dark room.  They will find the source of Light, and they will discover that Light is the opposite of fear, rather than the opposite of darkness.   

I read this little gem in the Srimad Bhagavatam canto 1, ch 8, text 6: “The sun rays are equally distributed, but still there are some places which are dark always.  This is not due to the sun but to the receptive power.”

The world is in crisis, and we all know that saying about crisis being the flip side of opportunity.  We are now discovering what it truly means to love your neighbor – starting with your physical body and extending this love to everyone we encounter.  The sun is there.  That is not disputed.  The question is whether we are willing to soak in the rays of the sun.  We are each on our individual journey, and each one of us will find the place in the sun that is meant for us.

As with everyone else, I am feeling my way into a beautiful tomorrow.  I sometimes suspect that I have an inside track, which I am very happy to share with everyone.  For example, earlier this year I did a meditation during which am image was shown to me so clearly that I just knew I would never be able to erase from my being – not that I would ever want to forget this image.

The image showed lots of happy people dancing slowly and beautifully, with a sense of peace and tranquillity and serenity.  There were things that to me looked like robotic beings, but they were all lying down and clearly, they were unplugged and not worth more than any worthless scrap metal.  These robots were not disturbing, and in fact, their lifelessness added to the sense of serenity – as if the people were dancing on a battlefield where the battle was won.  That image has since then given me a sense of peace of mind, knowing that with this spiritual war that is playing out at the moment, the good guys and God have already won.

Quite recently I had a most beautiful dream where I was covered from head to toe in silkworms in different stages of development.  I noticed that not all of these silkworms were ready to start spinning their cocoons, and I found that very pleasing.

I was reminded of the childhood practice of placing a silkworm on a rectangle of hardboard on top of a bottle.  The result was that the silkworm was unable to spin a cocoon, and instead, a beautiful rectangular bookmark replaced the cocoon.  Of course, the silkworm died once the spinning was completed, and that was the end of that silkworm.

However, in my dream, it was important for me to ensure that as many silkworms as possible would spin cocoons. I knew the outcome would be that they would turn into moths that would lay eggs, and each egg would hatch a new silkworm that could on maturity spin a new cocoon, and so the spinning of beautiful silk would be perpetuated as long as I could keep the cycle going.

It did not take me long to figure out that the dream indicated prosperity for me – not necessarily tangible financial prosperity, but rather spiritual prosperity.  I also know that I live in a tangible world where financial prosperity is a result of the exchange of energy. The clear message in the dream for me was that I must focus on investing everything I can and have in my spiritual work, and that now is a good time to turn my dreams of expansion into reality.  That is what I am already doing.

This brings me to the Oneness fund and my like-minded brothers and sisters who want to make the world a better place with projects that will be in the interest of humanity.  I belong to a movement where the members were recently asked to submit their proposals for projects and the funding they would require to make these projects become reality.

There were two immediate questions. 

The first question was: when will I get the money?  The answer was “how long is a piece of string?”.  Of course, this resulted in much disappointment, because the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was finally reachable and then it was moved out of reach again.

My view on this is that I have never waited for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I have for many years made “do what you can with what you have” my motto.  If I do receive funding based on the proposal I submitted, that would be great.  It would mean employing a few people, but it would also mean that I will have to work even harder and faster than I have done over the last decade to achieve my dream.  If I do not receive the funding (and while I am waiting for the funding) I will simply continue to make the best of the time and resources that I have.

I have over the years come across many people who believe “You have, therefore you must give.  I don’t have, therefore you must give”.  They completely miss the point that every single one of us is able to create our own energy and our own vision.  I ensure that I spend time every single day on giving another step towards my vision.  What have you done today, and over the past week, and over the past month, to make your vision come true?  And no, lack of money is not an answer.  The currency of the new world that we are now living in is passion, creativity, and loving your neighbor.  Any other tangible currency is a result of you using these main currencies to create and realize your dream.

The second question was: how will you safeguard my proposal so that nobody else can use it for their benefit?

I can understand this concern.  When I set off on my journey and started creating solutions, I was also concerned that anyone can steal my ideas and make them their own.  However, over the years I have learned – and confirmed in psychic readings for clients who were in similar positions – that there is a massive difference between a creator and an imitator.

A creator will always have a handful of dreams and focus on making one or two of them come true before moving on to the next bigger and better dream.  Sometimes this involves having a business idea and putting in very long hours and lots of work into the idea to make it feasible and profitable, only to see a competitor – or even worse, a trusted business partner – walk away with the work that has already been done and reaping the benefits.

In my experience, this imitator invariably has success with the “stolen” idea up to a point, after which the idea and the work implode, leaving the imitator to face karma.  Meanwhile, the wiser, stronger creator is already working on at least one idea that is MUCH bigger and more profitable than the initial idea.  I have seen so many times that the creator always wins, and the imitator always walks away, tail between the legs.  Give the same brilliant idea to any number of people, and only the creators will make the idea work. For the same price, only the imitators will steal the ideas and eventually implode with the ideas and the results of the creativity that they tried to pass off as their own.

Are you a creator or an imitator?  What have you done today that brings you closer to your dream, regardless of how much money you have in your pocket or in your bank account?

3d, 5d, Curiosity, Curious, Discernment, Judgment, Robert David Steele Sep 06, 2021

Oh, we are such weak people with such weak faith.

Do you enjoy reading popular magazines that describe the trials and tribulations of celebrities?  These celebrities live a public life, and the descriptions of these lives drag people in and make them want to have the perks of the glamour.  Of course, nobody wants the poison arrows that go towards these same celebrities, but the most avid followers of these idols are also the most avid shooters of the arrows.

I am sure we have all either participated or been a fly on the wall of discussions where speculation about the origins, motives, next moves, and passions of these idols are discussed in detail based on the superior opinion of a journalist whose mandate is not to find the truth but to sell magazines. 

In “spiritual speak” such discussions are purely based on the third dimension – where perceived leaders tell us what to say, think and do.  The focus is entirely outward and away from me, myself, and I, but the frequency or vibration of the participant is in fact the real focus, without them even realizing it.

One would assume that at some point we understand the meaning of “you must not eat from the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil”.  This means it is not for us to judge the words, actions, or motives of others, but rather focus on our own issues and ensure that we are not judgmental.

We live in a time where no mainstream media can be trusted to be objective because there is still an approved narrative of misinformation and a covert agenda that guide this media.  The result is a new wave of what is known as “truthers” where ordinary citizens have questions, and dig for answers or use a network of trusted sources to find pieces of the puzzle.   They then provide the details to their followers.  Each one of these “truthers” have their own individual focus and their search for the truth is guided by their passions, for example good health, exposing evil, using tarot cards, providing a global picture of activities, and so on. 

Many of these new leaders are revered by their followers who simply replaced their matinee idols with these “truthers”.  These followers also often like to claim that they are now living in the fifth dimension, where there is no fear, no judgment, no addiction to a timeline or money, and instead of an elevated sense of being spiritual.

On paper that seems to be a massive change for the better.  Imagine a world where the truth shall reign, and where there is peace on earth. Imagine us already living in this new world, even though all the existing structures and idols are crumbling around us.

This utopia of course had to be put to the test, and this was done when it was announced that one of these “truther” leaders had passed away. 

I would have expected response of empathy and understanding from these new inhabitants of the fifth dimension – because these people are enlightened spirits who understand the nature of death and eternity.  I would have expected them to focus on the contribution of this leader, and on helping his family to find solace.

The reality was that a large majority of these newly enlightened followers of their new idols fell straight back into their old habits.  Did he die?  Has he been whisked away into a witness protection program? If he truly died, who killed him and how? Oh, and do you remember that he worked for this entity many decades ago (and we know how the entity turned out), and of course he recently had an argument with another idol, and that idol said that reports of his final movements proved that he acted out of character and so on, and so on.  Reading these comments online was like being taken straight back into the pages of a good old idol magazine – with the only difference being that the role players in this “higher level” magazine had wings and halos, with a varying degree of claimed or perceived connection directly to their Supreme Being.

Do the circumstances of a person’s death matter, or does the person’s legacy matter?  Is the important issue the person, or the deeper meaning of the person’s life?

This reminds me of my life-long questioning of Jesus.  Did he exist or did he not?  Is his life a myth being rehashed, or is it the truth?  In my search for the truth, I found so many discrepancies that I eventually had to ask myself what mattered – his life or his message.  I got to a point where most of the message attributed to Jesus makes sense to me, but the questions remained.  I then decided to focus on the message.

I have recently had inklings that the questions I have about Jesus are legitimate, and there is the possibility that the mystery will be resolved when I read some of the books that never made it into the Bible, including one that Jesus himself apparently wrote.  The search continues.

Meanwhile, I would advise those fifth-dimension newbies to ask some hard questions about judgment, discernment, detachment, and loving your neighbor.  The answers are different from what you encountered in the third dimension.  Finding these new answers will help you understand the meaning of death better, and will also help you raise your own vibration to a point where you will feel more comfortable not judging people for any reason, but rather working on your own legacy that you want to leave.

We are living in the strangest, most lonely, most exciting time that God could have created for us.

All our role models have failed us.  This is a time when dis-ease is at the forefront of most people globally – because a small group of evil being have created and let loose the most destructive dis-ease you can imagine, namely fear.  Medical doctors that stand up to this farce put their lives in danger, and often experience not only the risk, but the reality of losing their livelihood. Imagine that you swore an oath to “first cause no harm”, only to then be instructed to not treat people for a condition that is 100% treatable and with a recovery rate of 99.9%?  What would you do?  I have friends who are some of the most brilliant medical professionals that you can imagine, and they voluntarily took a poisonous injection – because that is what the god of medical science instructed them to do.  I now have the prospect of losing them to premature death.

Can we take the culprits to court?  We can try – in my country an advocate did just that.  He took the government to court for falsely imposing regulations that cannot be justified from any angle in maritime law, and he won the case.  On top of that, the government did not even bother to appeal, and therefore solidly lost the case.  It is a year later, and the main-stream media as well as the entire government are still ignoring the findings of the court.  There are still court battles and appeal upon appeal, but this is now a game of monopoly – we will fight to the bitter end, because we don’t yet understand that we can simply walk away and that is the end of the game.  If you follow the legal rules of those who created and use those rules to their advantage, you might as well spend the money on going to the casino and playing one-armed bandits.  You will have the same chance of winning and you will have a lot more fun.

The next option is to go to church and pray to God.  I discovered that the religious leaders are doing nothing to have their churches reopened, because part of their training requires them to not challenge earthly authority (the government).  That government is in fact a corporation that has been allowed for decades and even centuries to over-extend their reach in their favour. 

And praying to God without the middleman?  Is that not for bunny huggers who have a God-complex?  I am afraid I proudly fall in this category.  Most of my life has been an uphill battle of proving that God did not make a mistake when He created this psychic and let her reincarnate into a Christian protestant cult.  I had to work hard to find my way out, and I left many loved ones behind because they firmly believe that I do not believe in God.  They could not be more wrong.

My God is a God of Love, and that is why the current purging and cleansing of evil is happening. 

Over years I made many friends and came to know my spiritual brothers and sisters who in dark times helped me retain my sanity and helped me understand that I am part of a global tribe of people who understand their spiritual connection to God.

Imagine how I feel nowadays when these members of my spiritual family fall by the wayside one after the other, because they simply do not listen to the Voice of God when then accept the poisonous prick.  I had to make peace with the fact that they are following their own paths, and it is not for me to judge or convince them otherwise.  For a long time I have been quite vocal about the dark forces behind the instructions that so-called religious people are following to the letter.  I had to part ways with organisers of holistic events who were more scared of the (illegal and unlawful) retribution of the law than of the Love of God when they arranged events.  I saw spiritual friends fall by the wayside when they were overwhelmed with fear and gave in to the pressure on them to conform.

I am still standing.  Why?  God showed me a vision earlier this year that I can only describe as “a new dawn” where people did an etheric dance in the most beautiful scene that was only slightly marred by the black blobs of robots that had fallen over.  At various times over the past few years God gave me clear instructions and promises that made no sense to me at the time, but now they are coming to fruition one after the other. 

God is Love, and God has won this war.  I must deal with the heartache of losing people and seeing people’s true colours.  I must live with knowing that following my heart and communing with God with every thought, word and deed is the only way for me.  And I am one of thousands of trailblazers – in this world and the next.  Namaste.

I am aware that a big part of internet and social media marketing tends to involve living your life in the public eye.  I do not enjoy that – probably because most of my experiences (good as well as challenging) involve interactions with people, and I prefer to keep the interactions private and where possible make the wisdom I gain public.

I also like to look after my health, and when I do have a very rare instance where my health needs attention, you will also not read about that on the internet (unlike many people I know who will list every minor ache or pain on social media (and describe bigger aches and pains in astonishing detail, as if they are in the running for badges for tolerating pain and suffering).

Over recent months I have had a health experience that was a real eye-opener for me, and I am happy to share this here.

I am at an age where 99% of people of a similar age have only one focus, namely retirement.  For me, there is no more abhorrent word or experience than retirement.  This is for two main reasons.

Over the last years, I have done readings for clients where they are in a total panic about what they will do once they have retired.  The advice from Spirit is invariably that they must stop thinking of themselves as powerless.  They are in fact at an age where they have a lifetime of gained wisdom and experience.  They should by this age be aware of their own creative powers that they have been honing all their lives.  They should understand that the “mandatory” retirement age is a man-made and enslaving concept, and rather than fear it or fight back, they need to simply ignore this imposed obstacle and focus on the good thirty or forty years ahead of them.  They are now at an age where they can totally focus on making this world a better place and share their wisdom with anyone who needs inspiration and guidance.

My second reason for my lack of resonance with the concept of retirement is that I saw what this experience did to my father.  He retired at the age of sixty (because that is what his employer and culture and community expected) and on the day when this happened, he started dying.  It took him fourteen years to achieve his objective – fourteen painful years of deteriorating into Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and fear of outliving his pension. 

In the initial years I did what I could to encourage him to do community work.  He did take up embroidery and doing tapestries, but that also added to his isolation from the world.  He was not interested in doing anything more meaningful.  He stopped driving and his focus turned to his immediate environment.

All those years ago I vowed to not have a similar experience, because life is too interesting and there are too many things on my daily to do list as well as my bucket list.

Meanwhile one of my siblings retired and two others turned their conversation towards my “retirement plans” whenever they deigned to contact me with their most recent woes.  They all have issues with my faith and beliefs, and my impression was that they expected me to finally “play the game” and do the right thing and retire – after all, I am the eldest and I need to set the example. All my siblings are younger than me.

A few months ago, I noticed that my hands were shaking, and I developed joint pains.  My first thought was that I have now reached the early stages of Parkinson’s and that I might as well stop fighting the thought of retirement.  My second thought was about all the wonderful things that I can still do to make this world a better place, especially at a time when the world is upside down and there is so much that I can contribute.

I decided to consult a medical practitioner whose focus is on energy medicine.  She focused entirely on providing ozone drips and homeopathic energy medicine – all of which made complete sense to me.  After treatment of about two months, the symptoms were much less, but not quite under control yet.

She then suggested that we do what she described as “medical numerology” where she took my name, surname and date and time of birth.  I was a bit skeptical, because I am in awe of numbers and their meaning and place in the Universe, but I have my doubts about people applying some basic formula to these details and then telling me what my character is (according to their computer program or their latest and greatest source of numerology).

I was even more skeptical when the doctor told me that the root cause of the dis-ease relates to my father.  She encouraged me to meditate on this, and I reluctantly agreed – because I was not seeing the bigger picture yet.

I was sure she had it wrong, because I had many issues with my mother, but never with my father.

I spent a lot of time revisiting memories of my experiences with my father.  He was a good man who accepted the fact that I was always his “different” child, and he was curious about my world and approved of what I did.  I did not put him on a pedestal either, because like all of us, he had his weaknesses – but those weaknesses did not impact on me in any negative way.

The only issue I could come up where my views differed from my father’s views was the fact that he spent his last years confused and in pain and waiting to die. 

The doctor and I then did a session where I held a photograph of my father while she measured my kinesiological responses in various areas of my body.  My reaction to anything neurological or emotional were off the scale – and confirmed her suspicion that the dis-ease related to resistance to my father.

It suddenly made sense to me that my entire body was resisting going forward into a paradigm where he set the example – an example that I would not follow even if it killed me.  The impact on me was that I was emulating his physical symptoms, and I was doing that because I wanted to self-destruct quickly rather than take years to die.

Directly after the realization I did a meditation, and my father was talking to me as sure as I am sitting here.  He called me by a nickname he always used for me, and in a crystal clear voice he thanked me for breaking the cycle.  I felt incredibly emotional and full of gratitude for the realization.

After this session I went hoe and continued using the energy-infused medication, but I realized within a matter of hours that the problem has been resolved and I no longer needed the medication. 

All the tremors disappeared within about twelve hours, and it took another day or two for the joint pains to disappear. You could have knocked me down with a feather.

Within a week after this realization I signed a contract with a corporate publisher for two books, and I had five new clients in Canada. I keep a list of ideas for future projects and my creative thoughts exploded – I could barely keep up with writing the ideas down.  At the same time I realized that a financial investment I had made about a decade ago was paying off like I had never expected in my wildest dreams. 

I have known for a while that I am moving into a phase of my life where spiritual healing is becoming more and more important.  I had no idea that I was going to be the first recipient of this infusion of energy and wisdom, and that this would be part of the springboard for launching the next (and probably not the final) part of my career.

I am so grateful.  Bring it on!

Is there a solution?  Yes, there is.  You are the solution.

How can I say that when your entire support structure has been taken away from you? 

Look at it this way:  you are still standing – even if it is only just.  All the people who provided your moral compass and told you what is right and wrong have turned out to have feet of clay.

The one constant that is still there, and who ensure that the good guys won this spiritual war, is God.  And no, despite everything that is happening outside of you, God has not forsaken you.  On the contrary.

Does this now mean that you can sit back and wait for God to take over and let you know what to do and believe next? Yes and no.  Yes, God will make clear to you what you need to do.  No, it is not as simple as listening to a preacher or other figure of authority or switching on the TV – look where all that has got you.  It is not a pretty sight.

Most people on this planet have been living all their lives in a three-dimensional world of length, width and height, and they have been too happy to be told what to do, and to either follow those instructions to the letter or ignore the instructions.  Which group did the right thing?  Neither. 

The group who followed the instructions to the letter are still following those instructions.  Where they are Christians, some of them are very pleased to announce that their god of violence is smiting the enemy in the Red Sea, where the Israelites experienced the same bad action.  These same deeply religious people have been following instructions issued by Satanists to the letter, not even knowing or feeling in their bones that what they have been doing is wrong.  The members of this group need to find a moral compass int eh fourth dimension, where they become aware of time and how fluid time is. 

They need to experience the void, or nothingness, where they will only have themselves to face.  This is also known as the dark night of the soul.  A scary thought, but that is the only way to the fifth dimension, where we become fully aware of being spiritual beings having a human experience.  In the fifth dimension we intuitively understand the difference between right and wrong.  We do not need a lawyer or doctor or preacher of teacher or politician or celebrity to tell us what is right or wrong in each situation.   We simply need to go inside, and consult our moral compass, which has been there all the time, given to us by God.   In the fifth dimension, we become aware of God and we know to follow the God of Love – the One who does not smite anyone with the jawbone of the nearest animal, but who teaches us about unconditional Love for ourselves and for everyone in this world – and out of this world.

Yes, you read correctly.  In the fifth dimension we understand that we are on earth now, but that we share this earth with benevolent entities who are on our side, and who have helped win this spiritual war on our behalf.  If you are still telling the world that you survived this era because you are a member of a certain religious group who prayed harder than other religious groups, or a member of a chosen race, you have a long way to go before you will find your way to and in the fifth dimension.

I referred to another group who ignored the instructions from all the different figures of illusionary authority, and who have been left bewildered and breathless, not knowing where to turn next to find a solution.  These are the lucky people.  Yes, you may look down on them as the addicts, the homeless, the drifters, and so on.  Did the thought ever occur to you that they have already questioned all these structures and seen the weaknesses and holes, and that they have already cut themselves loose from structures that stopped working ages ago? 

I am not saying that you need to make the same choices as this group.  The dark night of the soul is an individual experience that looks different for all of us.  You might choose to keep your corporate job while doing this journey.  You might be a disillusioned teacher who will choose to embrace the quantum educational system when it is introduced, or the lawyer who was ready to walk away from their career, but who now wants to retrain in a system of law that does not have any of the flaws of the legal system that has been found wanting.  By making these changes, you may just find your own moral compass and embrace a new way of life and thinking.

We need to be ready for close to seven billion individual journeys to finding and using that moral compass every moment of every day. We are ready because we have a Leader who has never had feet of clay.  We have God, and God never loses.


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