Blessings to you

Blessings to you

Isn’t it interesting that we say things and use words without knowing what we really say?

I cannot recall how many times I have said to a person “Blessings to you”.  Every time I meant it, because the words felt right to me, and I detected something sacred in them.  I thought that was just me feeling that way.

Then I read this in the Zohar (Beresheet B: 44):  “The Power of Blessing is the final necessary stage for any endeavour.  Blessing assures that positive energy remains constant and consistent.”

The energy we are talking about here is the Divine energy that flows in and through all of us.  This is an intelligent energy that regulates and adds to our life force.

Do only special people have the “power of blessing”?  I really do not think so.  Why would God allow some people to wish positive energy on people, but others are not allowed to do so?  

We can all bless each other, in other words wish a constant and consistent flow of positive energy onto each other. 

The beauty of this is twofold.  Firstly, there is the spiritual Law of Reciprocation – what you send out comes back to you.  The more you bless other people – even if you do it only with words – the more blessings return to you.  The other beauty is what happens to you when you say to someone “blessings to you”.  I do not know about you, but it is impossible for me to say the words “blessings to you” without feeling good about saying it and about myself.

This does not mean I go about my day saying this to every person in sight, because the intention is never to say important things to the point where they become repetitive and meaningless.  When I say “blessings to you” I also feel a connection to that person.

I want to propose that you find one person today that you feel comfortable with and say to them “Blessings to you”.  See what happens, and watch how you feel when saying it.


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