Darkness and light

Darkness and light

There is a lot of talk currently about how light overcomes darkness, and how darkness can never be hidden forever.

I read this gem in the Zohar (Beresheet B section 35): “True spiritual power is achieved through the existence of both Light and Darkness.  Spiritual transformation requires darkness so that there is something tangible to transform, and Light is actually generated during this stage of transformation.”

I want to bring this down to the individual level while the collective is engaged in the spiritual war. 

The Universe is in complete balance.  Where there is light, you will find darkness.  Where there is darkness, you will find light, and the light eventually will overcome the darkness.

For thousands of years, we have been programmed to get irritated when there is too much light for our liking, and we took on the challenge of creating conflict and strife.  The good news is that we always grew spiritually from this conflict and strife, and we did achieve a higher level of light than before – if we spent some time to search for the wisdom in the experience.

For individuals, a classic experience of light overcoming darkness is the experience of what is known as the dark night of the soul.

We come into this world with the agenda of making decisions and choices that take us away from our true loving self.  These decisions and choices have consequences, and they often take us to a spiritually very dark place.  Only when we reach this dark place, do we understand that the only way out of the darkness is to discover and let our own inner light grow.  This process is an eye-opener when we discover that we do not need to work towards the Light, because the Light has always been within us.  All we need to know is that the Light is there, ready to show us the way when we are ready to follow.

Aren’t we blessed to have this knowing that we can always strive towards the Light because we are the Light?


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