Darkness fails every time

I came across these words in the Srimad Bhagavatam (Canto 1 Ch 8): “Seeing in the darkness is not seeing.  But seeing by the light of the sun means to see the sun and everything else which was unseen in the darkness.”

We live in a time where so many very disturbing things are being exposed to the light of the sun.  the good news is that with every new exposure we receive confirmation that darkness always fails.  Light always overrules darkness, no matter how hard you try to hide evil things in the darkness.  This is the Law of the Universe.

Many years ago, I did a course in marketing as part of my degree studies.  I experienced one of those moments that has stuck with me ever since.  The professor said that it would always be a good idea to live your life as if you will read about your activities in the newspaper the next morning.  You can choose whether you will be on the good-news front page or on the seedy, sensational back page. 

Whatever your choice is, remember that Light always overcome Darkness.


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