How many lives do you have?

How many lives do you have?

We all know that a cat has nine lives.  How many lives do you have?

I have figured out that reincarnation is real and a part of eternal life.  The way I understand it is that we incarnate, and then we die and return to eternal life.  Then, before we incarnate again, there is a meeting where we and all other role players decide on our next incarnation.  Then we reincarnate, and so the cycle continues.

I have heard a guru proclaim that we incarnate 182 million times (or was it 82 million times – I am not sure now) before we finally incarnate as humans.

So, I am not too far wrong when I say that a bad guy will reincarnate as a wildflower, and Daisy the cow will eat the wildflower and the bad guy will end up where they deserve to be.

If this guru is correct, we incarnate as every conceivable form of life and go through every conceivable experience before we finally become human.  I know he is a guru, and he knows a lot more than me, but somehow this does not sit right with me.

I have also heard people say that there is only one life, and this is it, and if we mess up this one, we are in trouble.  The people who normally say this also proclaim that they do not believe in an afterlife or eternity.  This has never made sense to me.  Surely, we come from somewhere and once we have completed our tasks here, we go back to that same place?

But then recently I heard someone say quite matter of fact that there is only one life, and death is an illusion, and every time period we spend on earth in a body is a tiny part of the illusion.  In this sense, it makes complete sense to me that there is only one life, and that any time we spend on earth is time well spent, but it is simply an experience which is part of the one life that we all share as part of eternity.

Think about it …


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