How much is your soul worth

How much is your soul worth?

Rumi (the Islam poet from the 13th century) said that if you know the price of everything but you do not know the price of your soul, you are lost.

I had to face that truth.  I was doing IT contract work for a large pharmaceutical retail company, while this circus was playing out around me.  I needed to make peace with the fact that what people do with their bodies are their business, and no amount of preaching, explaining, or crying from my side would change the situation for the educated, intelligent adults in my circle of family, friends, and colleagues. 

Instead, I turned my attention to finding a solution in energy healing for those people who did fall for the scam and are now regretting it.  I firmly believe that God would not allow this scourge to be unleashed on humanity without having a countermeasure in His back pocket.

Then I received a marketing email from this company, offering this poisonous stuff for free to teenagers who are legally too young to drink, drive, have sex or vote, and they could consent themselves without any parental involvement.  When I read the email, I felt like I had been kicked very hard in the stomach.  At that moment I knew I was dancing with the devil, and staying on the contract would from my side imply approval. 

I could not live with that and walked away from the contract.  Yes, it meant loss of income as well as no reference for a future job, but it also means that I understand where my loyalties lie.  At the same time I accepted an opportunity to learn more about a timeless means of healing the body, for which there is a massive need in the world right now.

That is the worth of my soul. 

Thank you, God.


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