Light always overcomes darkness

Light always overcomes darkness

In these challenging times depravity and evil are being exposed daily on a scale that mankind has never experienced before.  For many people it may feel like the onslaught to our moral compass is never-ending and increasing by the day.  Even the leaders who provide a future vision and hope based on their own firm beliefs in a Loving Creator are getting tired, and it is easy to lose sight of the full picture.

I read this in the Zohar (Beresheet B:35): “True spiritual power is achieved through the existence of both Light and Darkness.  Spiritual transformation requires darkness so that there is something tangible to transform, and Light is actually generated during this stage of transformation.

A simple candle can provide us with analogies to help enrich our understanding of the need for darkness.  A tiny candle has no significance or worth when flickering against the backdrop of a brilliant sunlit day.  But even a massive darkened arena responds to the lighting of one candle.  In that setting, the candlelight assumes great importance and value.  Moreover, it is the dark burning wick that gives rise to the candle’s bright flickering flame.  It is for reasons like these that darkness came into existence.”

The Universe is in complete balance. 

Look around you and see how many people worldwide are now not only aware of the evil and depravity at all levels and in all pockets of society.  They are also standing up and saying, “no more”.  Millions of people in numerous countries have taken to the streets to raise their voices not only against evil but also for good. 

There are new movements where groups of people come together and say “we will not follow these evil instructions.  We are good people, and we are becoming better people because we are standing up for good.”

The exposure of the darkness has had the consequence that one candle was lit, and then another one, and then another one, and now the whole world is lighting up with goodness.  For those who had the choice of moving from bad to good but who chose to move from bad to evil, there is nowhere to escape to.  Their deeds are being exposed to daylight every single day.

Those people who chose to move from bad to good experience God’s grace and mercy every single day.  Every time they understand more of the path they have walked to get into the Light, a quantum of Light is formed in every single cell of their body, and this is permanent.

This formation of a quantum of Light in every cell of the body whenever an eternal wisdom is grasped is not limited to any religion.  In fact, this global awakening is happening above and beyond every religion, because people now understand how religion has divided, then isolated and then failed humanity.

If you are tired of the onslaught, close your eyes for two reasons.  The first reason is that you should rest, because so many changes are happening, and your physical body is not keeping up.  The second reason is that the only way through this time is to go inside and connect with the beauty you have always had inside you.  Some people call this inner beauty Love, others call it God, and others call it Allah or the Creator or many other names.  Regardless of what you want to call what you discover inside, it is beautiful and it will get you over the finishing line in this spiritual war.


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