Perfect faith

Perfect faith

I like to wake up in the morning and watch the daybreak, and then spend time with my Creator – praying, meditating, and reading.

Today was not such a day.  It took me a while to realise that the temperature is perfect – pleasant with a lovely breeze, after last night’s heavy rain.

My thoughts were all over the place and reading one of the holy scriptures made no difference – I felt there was nothing that spoke to me in any of the paragraphs and put the book aside.

I did some domestics and decided to catch up on other things by looking at the contents of Alex Collier’s website http://lettersfromandromeda.com

All I can say is that the Universe works in mysterious ways. This is what I read in the very first document that I opened: “Being a leader or becoming a leader does not mean you have perfect faith or wisdom.  These are life-long pursuits.

It was as if the Creator said to me that it is OK, and I can cut myself some slack.  I am sure you will agree that this applies to everyone, and not just to leaders.

I have just noticed that the birds are singing their hearts out, as they do every morning.

All is good.


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