The firmament

Today I bring an exciting point for debate to the table.

The Zohar (Beresheet B:37) states: “The light of sun requires reflection off a physical subject in order to illuminate.  This is the secret of the word Firmament.”

I never thought much about this firmament that according to the Bible was created to separate the waters above from the waters below.  The waters below make sense, because there are oceans and rivers and lakes below the sky.  But where are the waters above?  Are these just the clouds?

Do yourself a favour and watch the video What on Earth Happened?  The video explains and illustrates the flat earth theory and the meaning of this firmament in fascinating detail.

Is the world flat or round?  What I think does not matter.  My point is that we were born with enquiring minds, and somehow the system taught us to believe what we are told, and not to ask questions.  This allowed evil people to tell us what to think. 

In recent times everything we have been taught to believe have been turned upside down.  It is as if a schoolground bully walked into Legoland and kicked every statue and structure to smithereens, and we are now required to find each building block and create a new and even more beautiful structure.

For us to be this creative, we need to ask questions and not just accept any familiar-sounding answer, but rather assume that the answer we have always had is one option.  Then we need to be open to the second option, and even to a third option.  This approach covers every single structure that we have been brought up with – education, legal, medical, entertainment, religious, ethical – you name it.

Are you open to new points of view and new structures?  You have to be, because this now forms part of your survival kit in a strange new world, and you will need to learn how to use it.


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