Why do you do good

Why do you do good?

Today I read this from the Zohar (Beresheet B, section 32): “Desire is the vital component and engine which draws the Light.  Without desire, the Light remains in a state of potential.  Actions alone are not enough to arouse and draw the Light.”

This reminded me of one of the most important lessons my father has taught me.  When you help another person, do not do it for the worldly acknowledgement that you can get, and do not tell the whole world of the kindness you showed to another person.  The world does not owe you anything.  You owe God everything.

This passage confirms that you can bring as much Light as you want into the world, but if you do it for yourself or for your ego, then you only do one tenth of good.  When you do good because you want to serve God, “… desire determines how Light will be revealed in our world.”

Now tell me: when did you last help someone?  If you even think about answering the question, ask yourself why you did what you did.  Is your desire to impress me and your friends and family, or is your desire to serve God with what was bestowed upon you?


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