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Using Tarot for Successful Decisions

The course focuses on using tarot cards for problem solving. You won’t get any general information that still makes you wonder whether you got it right. You won’t need to guess what the meaning of the card is. Nobody will profit from you consulting the cards, other than that you’ll get peace of mind and clear guidance in any area of your life where you need to make decisions.

Price: $7.95 for the paperback, $4.95 for the e-book, $6.95 for the audio book and $144.00 for the video course.


How to end a relationship and feel good about yourself

Are you in a relationship that makes you unhappy? Have you just left a relationship? Or are you struggling to accept the end of your relationship due to death or divorce? Then this course is for you. This course will help you understand why the experience happened to you, and give you hope for the future. This is a quote from an Amazon review: “…another perspective on relationships than the classic “Women are from Venus, men are from Mars. “ Start your healing today and invest in this course.

Price: $6.53 for the paperback, $4.95 for the e-book, $6.95 for the audio book and $59.99 for the video course.

Following a Spiritual Path : Recovering from Religion 1

Following a Spiritual Path : Recovering from Religion Volume 1

Invest in your peace of mind about spirituality, and get your free book as well as access to the course sales page. If you are curious about spirituality and you want to know your options before diving in head first, then this course is for you. First get the facts, and that will help you spot the hype. You are in control, and you make the decisions.
Price: $7.95 for the e-book, $4.89 for the audiobook and $144.00 for the video course. This will save you three times more in trial and error.

Spiritual path vol 2

Following a Spiritual Path :
Recovering from Religion 2

Following a Spiritual Path : Recovering from Religion Volume 2

What is Universal Law about? How does focused healing and spiritual healing work? How does quantum physics relate to spirituality? Do numerology and crop circles come from the same source? How can the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life help you on your journey? Why do some people keep making the same mistakes? Is it possible to escape karma? Get answers on these and more. 

These are the topics that will be covered in this volume called Learning the Universal Language:
You will discover what Universal Law is about, and how you can use these universal laws to guide your daily life. You will see several examples of universal law in action. You will learn about focused healing and what spiritual healing is about. Do you believe spiritual healing works? You will discover some of the quantum language of the Universe, including stuff like The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, quantum tunneling, quantum entanglement and quantum super-position. Are you aware of the many different repetitive patterns in your life? Is numerology reliable? What is the source of crop circles? How does the Golden Ratio relate to your emotions and living a spiritual life? Do you eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil without even being aware of it? What is the Tree of Knowledge about? Do you know why bad things happen to good people? Learn about reincarnation, life scripts and soul contracts. You will also learn about karma and how you can not only attract good as well as not so good karma, but finally rise above the need for karma.

Price: $4.95 for the e-book, $4.89 for the audiobook and $144.00 for the video course. This will save you three times more in trial and error.

Dream Big: How to Advance Your Career by Sleeping Better

Dream Big: How to Advance Your Career by Sleeping Better
Did you know that your sleep patterns are influenced by what you eat, your exercise routine, and even where you put your phone while you sleep? Have you ever tried to tap into the wealth of your dreams so that you can be more creative at work? And did you know that waking up with gratitude makes for a good start to the day? There are ways to keep nightmares and anxiety at bay, so that you can wake up refreshed and ready for a new day. Good sleeping habits for your entire family will also contribute to a harmonious household, from which you can launch the next success in your career.



Price: $8.99 for the e-book

Deep Blue: A Guide to Empowerment Healing

Have you always wanted to understand how energy healing works? This book conveys a powerful promise early on and then delivers on this promise throughout the material: “Every physical illness and dis-ease stems from a disturbance in the rhythm of time. We will go back to the disturbance and allow time to flow freely. This will then remove the energy block and this is where the healing takes place.” The book gives a different perspective on the reason why a God of Love allows suffering. The book also explains how healing empowers people. Healing is explained as undoing the behavior that caused the dis-ease, then undoing the dis-ease, and then re-doing the behavior without the dis-ease, so that the person can consciously change their behavior and not fall back into the toxic patterns that resulted from the original injury. Energy healing is not necessarily about extending this physical life. This healing is truly holistic.

Price: $6.75 for the paperback, $9.99 for the e-book and $7.95 for the audio book

Spiritual Development - 20 Ways to Achieve Spiritual Growth Vol. 1

In this book you will get answers to these questions: Where do I find solace? How can I improve my karma? Why do we experience the dark night of the soul and how can we get through it? How do we match our expectations to the outcomes we get? What is the true meaning of time and numbers? Does faith require trust and belief? How do the risks we take strengthen our faith? How do you celebrate your beliefs? Did you know that clinging to the wrong idea can affect your health? Why is it important to live every day, not just Sundays, as part of your faith?
Price: $7.99 for the paperback, $9.99 for the e-book and $7.95 for the audio book

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence: The Spiritual Development of Your Emotions

This book will provide these answers: Why your strong emotions push people away from you and how you can change those emotions in your favor • How to respect the inner pain of others without judging. How you can change the world one step at a time by starting with your own life. Why we have family strife but we remain family. That when you recognize your own worth, bullies cannot bother you. How lies can shape an entire future for the people involved. Why inner peace does not last but contributes to spiritual development. How to turn other people’s views about you into emotional intelligence

Price: $6.99 for the paperback, $4.99 for the e-book and $6.95 for the audio book

More of Life's Questions: Spiritual Development V3

In this book you will find enlightenment and define your own spirituality with these questions: How to respect religion and religious boundaries even if you are not religious . How the flow of energy impacts on our relationships. How we set boundaries for ourselves and delay our own enlightenment experiences. How the creation process works and how we can use that to find spiritual meaning. How to find your way through life with pen and paper rather than expensive therapy by using the most potent journaling method known. • And many other questions.
Price: $7.95 for the paperback, $7.95 for the e-book and $9.95 for the audio book

Climbing Mountains: A Book of Inspirational Stories

This book contains 50 inspirational stories about people who needed to climb their own personal mountains, and who reached the top where the view was breathtaking. The themes are a diverse as. Creating inspired music. Dealing with infertility and adoption. Overcoming physical disease. Recognizing past lives. Making career decisions resulting from traumatic experiences The themes are universal and not associated to any particular group or culture. Is your story also in the book? How did you reach the top of your mountain? What wisdom did you gain from your journey?

Price: $13.49 for the paperback, $6.95 for the e-book and $13.08 for the audio book

Wonder Why? Inspirational Daily Quotes for All Ages

In this book you will learn: How your perceptions influence your experience. Why having strong emotions about anything makes your life worse How to use humor that bites like a lamb rather than a lion. That under the skin we all share the same life experiences. How tradition sometimes is based on wrong information. Why carrying grudges is not healthy. That life and the Universe aims at helping us find balance. What energy is and how to use energy.

Price: $5.99 for the paperback, $2.99 for the e-book and $3.46 for the audio book


The Ethical Psychic: The BS Meter for Psychic Readings

Do you know what to expect when you approach
a psychic reader? Do you know what to watch out for and what to avoid? Have you walked away feeling confused and disappointed after turning to a psychic reader for guidance? Then this book will give you guidance on how to select a psychic reader that will give you value for your questions.
Or are you doing readings for other people but at you have never been trained or considered the the ethics behind your actions? What should you do
and what should you avoid when doing psychic readings?
Price: $5.38 for the paperback, $1.99 for the e-book and $3.46 for the audio book

A Blue Moon

A woman gets arrested for the murder of her friend based on flimsy evidence. Then the murdered woman returns and leaves solid evidence as well as hints with various people, including a hard-nosed detective and his solicitor friend, who finally put their doubts aside. An international drug ring is broken up with the help of a naughty ghost, and the lives of all involved are changed irrevocably.
Price: $5.99 for the paperback, $4.95 for the e-book and $13.08 for the audio book.

A Tangled Web of Love

What do you do when you are involved in a love triangle? What if the situation continues even when one partner dies? Sophie has been living a life of duplicity in a love triangle for decades, so that she could save her marriage. Now her grand-daughter, Karen, faces a different challenge and a love triangle in her marriage. Karen has a near-death experience which changes her life and her marriage. The only way to for everyone to make sense of their situations is to accept supernatural experiences. Love has different facets, and not all of them can be explained rationally.
Price: $6.95 for the paperback, $4.95 for the e-book and $13.08 for the audio book

Quantum Conflict Resolution

Find a solution to any conflict by weighing both sides. Use knowledge from quantum physics to understand the nature of conflict and why you can find a win-win solution to even the worst antagonism.

Price: $8.99

Shine: A Pleiadian Message

Shine: A Pleiadian Message to Awaken Your True Purpose and Power

How do you manage to stay afloat and keep your faith in a changing world? How about getting advice from those who have a wider perspective because they are from a different planet and see much more than we do? Psychic and author Elsabe Smit received these messages of assurance and explanation from the Pleiades and is finally sharing them with those who are ready to listen and act.

Price: $10.50 for the paperback, $7.95 for the ebook and $5.95 for the audio book

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