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Am I the real deal?

I don’t interpret cards or crystals.  I don’t pepper you with questions and then give you the answers I think you expect.  I enter your space (only ever with your permission) and tell you what information Spirit provides to me and you.  Then we can discuss what I provided, and you can ask your remaining questions. 

You will not find me bragging about who my clients are – I have too much respect for their privacy.

My practice has grown over the years based on word of mouth, and in this way has spread to several continents

If you are concerned about not knowing me (yet), have a look below what clients have recently said about me, my readings and my coaching.

If you prefer to first investigate more, find any of my ebooks or audio books on your favourite websites.  

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Invest in a truly psychic reading

Psychic readings are useful for so many purposes. If you want access to any information about your past, present and future life, you have come to the right place. Decide what you want to resolve NOW, and contact me below for a reading. It does not matter where you are in the world. I have regular clients in the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Pakistan, Kenia, South Africa, France – to name just a few countries. Spirit knows no boundaries. I also to cross-over readings, distant healing and (on request) past life regression)


$ 45
  • Make peace with a loved one who has passed.
  • Get confirmation for unresolved issues.
  • Exchange messages of Love.
  • Help a passed loved one to move on to their next life.
  • (The price will be adjusted to £45 or ZAR450 depending on your country at checkout.)


$ 45
  • Discover which way your relationship is going.
  • Get your career options and make your own informed choice.
  • Understand why people treat you the way they do.
  • Hear about the surprises Spirit has for you.
  • Understand how to truly forgive and get rid of your emotional baggage once and for all.
  • If you are ready, understand how to use your own intuitive abilities (you don't need to become psychic, but you can use your intuitive skills to be more aware of your environment).
  • (The price will be adjusted to £45 or ZAR450 depending on your country at checkout.)
Most Popular


$ 90
  • Discover what those birth marks mean.
  • Find out what karmic debts you have brought with you.
  • What is it that you have been carrying with you for an eternity?
  • What knowledge and relationships did you bring with you from a previous life?
  • Discover why some relationships are troublesome no matter how hard you work on them.
  • (The price will be adjusted to £90 or ZAR900 depending on your country at checkout.)
"You can feel the compassion in her words, how awesome is that. Thank you so much for such a wonderful, positive response "
"Thank you so much for the help my dear friend. I could say thanks you a million time or at least in several different languages but it still not would not get the point across. Thank you"
Kevin USA
"That is an amazing answer and brings up a lot of "stuff" I can think about further. I have always divide in and not thought things through and this has given me the chance to take my time and not panic. I have spent a life time in pain. And it will take me time, but how lucky am I to have someone so beautiful in my life to learn and share it with. 🙂 Thank you so much."
Katie USA
"If I could hug you and give you a million dollar for your response, I would ! I really think that your suggestion will work and I am confident that I'm disciplined enough to execute it. Thank you so much, for such a thougtful response, you're truly appreciated."
Karen, USA
"Thank you so much for you advice. You are spot on to what you've said. I have know that I should talk to him about this. I just need to hear it from someone else, someone that doesn't know me. I will take your advice. Your help has been most appreciated. Again thank you"
Jay, US
"I'm writing to share an update on a reading you offered me a few weeks ago. You had mentioned my manager would leave the company, there would be a flattening of the organizational structure and I would be reporting up at a higher level. All of those are true. I would not have been able to mentally make it through these changes without the reading you offered me, so I wanted to extend my thanks to you again. You are truly an angel in my life." Anonymous, Canada

Get access to the Divine Wisdom of Tarot

Imagine that you have access to a source of Divine Wisdom that you can access at any time so that you can have an easier life. Did you know that tarot is as good as that manual for life that you have always been looking for? Get free details on the Tarot major arcana course and do your own tarot reading when you need wisdom. Or if you just want to learn the wisdom from tarot, this will also be a fascinating journey for you. Learn about the gateways through life, and how tarot explains every phase of your life. Draw a weekly card and discover more about where you are and the wisdom that you need to process.

It's Over! How to end a relationship and feel good about yourself

If you are in a relationship that is going downhill all the time, this course will help you find the way out. If you have already left the relationship but not the resentment, regret or guilt, then this course will teach you step by step how to leave your baggage behind and find the relationship you are looking for. If you are not sure what is happening in your relationship (is this the end or are you just "changing gears" to a better relationship), then you have come to the right place. Are you newly single and feeling a bit lost? Do you still need to get used to not being in a relationship? Or have you been single for too long and you are trying to figure out what is holding you back and keeping you out of a relationship? Are you struggling with health issues since your relationship ended? Or is your current relationship making you sick? This course will help you connect the dots so that you will understand the connection between your spirit and body.

Fed up with religion? Confused about spirituality and the many options?

This new course will guide you on a multitude of esoteric topics. In volume 1, which is now available, will learn what to expect when you leave religion behind. You will learn what universal knowledge embedded in religion you can keep on your journey, and you will discover the wonder of spiritual law. Who are you? You will learn about consciousness, and about the immense power of the statement "I am ..." Did you think that spirituality is just another belief system? You will learn about the practical uses of spirituality to improve your quality of life - some of which you may already do without realizing that you are applying spiritual law in your life. Did you know that you can keep crime away from you with a few simple steps? How about managing people who send nasty energy your way? There are solutions. Are you using the advice of your spirit guides, guardian angels and ancestors as much as you should? They are always ready to help you to the next step. Did you know that meditation changes your brain and makes you live a longer and happier life? Have you found a way to meditate that suits you? Do you know how many people have become famous because they followed their day dreams and acted on their night dreams? Do you know how to analyse your dreams? And all this and much more are in volume One of this series of three volumes..

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