Bad things and people rub off

Bad things – and people – rub off

I read a statement in The Book of Q or The Gospel of Thomas, which also made its way into the Bible.  This statement always reminds me of the difference between judgment and discernment.

“A good tree does not bear rotten fruit; a rotten tree does not bear good fruit. Are figs gathered from thorns, or grapes from thistles? Every tree is known by its fruit. The good man produces good things from his store of goods and treasures; and the evil man evil things. For the mouth speaks from a full heart.”

Every tree is known by its fruit.  I use lemon rinds for its preventative and curative properties.  I have a neighbour who likes to bring as many as possible of the lemons from her tree to me.  The problem is that those lemons taste like nothing, and they often have worms.  I get rid of those lemons as quickly and surreptitiously as I can.  On the other hand, I have a relative with a lemon tree who is all too willing to share the beautiful fruits with me, because they have abundance on the tree.

It is the same with people.  Some people radiate goodness, and it is easy to be in their presence.    Other people make your hair stand on end and you want to get away from them as quickly as possible.

Does that make you judgmental?  That depends on how you behave towards these people. 

I believe that God made us all.  There are seven billion people on this earth, and they are like seven billion facets on the same diamond.  Who am I to say which facets are worth more than others?

It is not for me to judge and decide who is good and who is bad.  It is for me to discern who resonates with me and who does not. 

Where a person resonates with me, I like spending time with them and learning from their wisdom. If they are on social media, I might even follow them and hear their views on current events.  Where a person does not resonate with me, it is like me searching on the radio for a station that plays lovely music.  I simply turn the dial to find the next station until I find what I am looking for.  This is called discernment.

But is this difference between judgment and discernment enough in the world we live in?  So much evil is being exposed daily.  Is it enough to just turn away from the evil and pretend it does not exist?  No, of course not – that would not result in the end or demise of the evil.

Our focus should not be on judging people, but rather on ensuring that we constantly work on our own blind spots and emotional buttons.  The more you can manage your own life and the fruits that are borne from your own tree, the more your goodness radiates from you.  Evil cannot stand goodness and will flee to their dark corners until they run out of dark corners, after which they will have no option but to leave the planet.

If you are one of those people who used to follow the lives of celebrities and are now baying for the blood of the culprits, look in the mirror.  That is how judgment looks.  Judgment is earthbound and drags you down, whereas discernment raises your vibration to the next level and makes you less attractive and attracted to anything that would in the past have dragged you down.


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