Elsabe smit is a well-known international healer, coach, public speaker, writer and facilitator.

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Online Consultations

If you have an issue to resolve, you have come to the right place.

Let’s start with mundane (earthbound) issue such as relationships, career, finances, overall health, or any other area of your life where you need to make a decision.  With a psychic reading, I can give you information to help you see the way forward. With a cross-over reading, you will be able to get closure and move on.  With zone healing, we can resolve most physical issues so that you can focus on what makes you happy while being perfectly healthy.

If your issues relate to strong emotions that are derailing your progress or causing health issues, we can get to the bottom of these emotions quickly and help you resolve them once and for all.  This will set you free to explore more options that you did not think would be possible.  We can do this with a psychic reading, a past life regression or some powerful zone healing.

If you are looking for spiritual growth and development, I can help you with some individual coaching.

Ebooks, Audio Books and Courses

Do you enjoy reading about different ideas?  Are you curious about how the world works and what you are doing here?  Or do you want to relax with some spiritual fiction?

You can choose from a range of ebooks, audio books and online courses that will stimulate your thinking.

Am I the real deal?

I don’t interpret cards or crystals. I don’t pepper you with questions and then give you the answers I think you expect.

I enter your space (only ever with your permission) and tell you what information Spirit provides to me and you. Then we can discuss what I provided, and you can ask your remaining questions.

You will not find me bragging about who my clients are – I have too much respect for their privacy.

My practice has grown over the years based on word of mouth, and in this way has spread to several continents.

If you are concerned about not knowing me (yet), have a look below what clients have recently said about me, my readings and my coaching.

If you prefer to first investigate more, find any of my ebooks or audio books on your favourite websites.
There are also video courses in the store that you can investigate.

My experience with the Zone Technique was no less than amazing! Each time I had a session with Elsabe I had a profound experience. I saw her via distance healing for my concussion. I’ve had several concussions, but this was my worst. On one occasion when I arrived online to our appointment my vision was blurry, and I had eye pain from the eye exercises I overdid the day before.

After her assessment and the treatment I was amazed by the fact that my vision was clear, and all my pain was gone in a matter of seconds. I truly feel the Zone Technique and Elsabe’s gift as a healer are what healed me from my concussion and sped up my recovery.

I’m grateful to both. I highly recommend Elsabe and the Zone Technique.

—Lisa C


I have been listening to Elsabe for a while on audio books and was very excited to book a psychic reading combined with a zone healing, with an incredible result! She managed to reduce the aching pain in my lower back with 80% after the first day and suddenly I was able to bend to the floor without any pain – which I had not been able to do for 6 months!

After a couple more days, the backpain that has been troubling me so much,  is basically gone ❤ Thank you, Elsabe, both for the zone healing and the incredible reading! You left me feeling renewed and relieved, and my energy flow is so much stronger now than before we spoke.

—Susanne Asmyr


What Is The Zone Technique?

Zone Healing is a technique designed to balance your brain and spine so that your body can restore itself to maximum health.


The term “crossing over” has been coined by psychic mediums to create an understanding by the general public of what it is that they do.


A cross-over reading will allow you to make peace with a loved one who has passed. Get confirmation for unresolved issues. Exchange messages of Love. Help a passed loved one to move on to their next life.



Get a 30-minute psychic reading from me on Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger or Zoom – you decide.

I don’t interpret cards. Like any trusted psychic, I go into your private space – always and ever only when you invite me. Then I open the energetic parcel that your consciousness invites me to, and I describe to you what is inside. From there you are in a better position to make decisions based on your past and current experiences.

I also do an assessment of your finances and physical body where relevant, and give you useful information so that you can do what is right for you.




Spend an hour with me exploring your other lives (past, present on a different timeline or future).

Discover what those birth marks mean. 

Find out what karmic debts you have brought with you. 

What is it that you have been carrying with you for an eternity? 

What knowledge and relationships did you bring with you from a previous life? 

Discover why some relationships are troublesome no matter how hard you work on them. 

[A reminder that I am not a medical or legal practitioner. Any information I give you pertaining to medical or legal issues need to be confirmed with the experts you deal with.]


Are you curious about exploring your own intuitive side or just making sense of some questions you have about spirituality? 

Or are you already practising and you want to hone your skills?

Let’s talk and get some clarity together.

Do you enjoy ebooks and audiobooks?

Elsabe has published numerous ebooks, audiobooks and video courses on various aspects of spirituality. Have a look in the store and see what you are attracted to.

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